Introducing Squiggle Sets
December 6th, 2022

Walk into the MoMa or Gugenheim, and you’ll see meticulously organized art collections. The curator arranges the art pieces into sets, contextualizing the thematic goals of the exhibition. Seeing the work presented in new ways can highlight a timeline of the artist’s output. 

Rothko set at the Beyeler Foundation in Switzerland
Rothko set at the Beyeler Foundation in Switzerland

For instance, the Color Field paintings that defined Mark Rothko’s career might be grouped in sets that present the vibrant color palettes featured in the earlier part of this period and thread through the subdued darker tones seen in the latter. Collectors could also feel compelled to group pieces based on the amount or proportion of the floating rectangles and even texture, width and length of his brushstrokes. The body of work can be weighed against itself. Curated sets allow this possibility.

SquiggleDAO is pleased to celebrate what we believe to be a defining experience for our community: set arrangements of Snowfro’s Chromie Squiggle collection. Viewing complete combinations of normal, slinky, fuzzy, ribbed, bold, pipe and hyper Squiggles provides a complete perspective of the artist's algorithm.

Squiggles are personal. We are all inclined towards different color compositions and formations. A more dynamic set will pull color and form into new contexts. Arranging variations together creates an intimate experience that would otherwise not exist for a piece in isolation. 

Chromie Squiggle sets showcase the full landscape, reflecting and heightening the rarity of each Squiggle included.

The Enthusiast Set

The enthusiast set celebrates the 4 most common squiggle types: normal, slinky, fuzzy and ribbed. With over 745 possible sets, this configuration has the most creative potential, as it allows for more variation than any other. Below is an example of an Enthusiast Set, curated from the SquiggleDAO collection, that celebrates the color blue across this series. 

A SquiggleDAO curated and owned Enthusiast Set
A SquiggleDAO curated and owned Enthusiast Set

The Collector Set

The Collector Set builds upon the Enthusiast Set with the addition of the rare Bold and Pipe Squiggle types. This configuration is particularly special, as it recognizes all 6 Squiggle Type attributes, as defined by Snowfro. Although the Hyper variant is generally considered a fundamental type, it is actually a variant of these 6, with the Spectrum attribute set to Hyper instead of Normal.

A SquiggleDAO curated and owned Collector Set
A SquiggleDAO curated and owned Collector Set

The Full Set

The Full Set expands on the Collector set with the inclusion of any Hyper variant, and brings the total squiggles in the set to 7. This set is arguably the most important, as it includes one of each squiggle variant that is unique to the naked eye. Every squiggle is obviously at least one of these 7 variants. With only 127 possible sets and a floor of 354 ETH, this is a rare find in any collection

A SquiggleDAO curated and owned Full Set
A SquiggleDAO curated and owned Full Set

The Hyper Set

On their own, Hyper variants really stand out from the crowd. With an extremely low color spread of only 0.5, hue changes occur swiftly, giving this squiggle variant its distinct psychedelic appearance. Only 127 Squiggles have this attribute, making a Hyper Set incredibly rare.

There are currently no owners of a full Hyper Set.

A combination of all 6 Hyper varients, curated by SquiggleDAO
A combination of all 6 Hyper varients, curated by SquiggleDAO

The Complete Set: A true masterpiece

For the truly ambitious collector, the Complete Set includes each of the 6 core Types and their Hyper variant. A truly rare and exceptional collection of 12 Squiggles! There can only be 4 possible collections of this to ever exist, as there are only 4 Hyper Pipes in the Squiggle collection.

A curated selection of squiggles into the Complete Set
A curated selection of squiggles into the Complete Set

Curation drives Collection

In the years to come Squiggles will change hands, sets will evolve, and innovative Squiggle exhibitions will continue to be featured throughout Metaverse on curatorial platforms like Deca.Art and in IRL galleries. With the MOMA planning to liquidate 70 million dollars of classical art work to acquire culturally significant NFTs, it won’t be one Chromie Squiggle sitting on a lone wall: The finest collections in the world will create an immersive experience to showcase the depth and variations of the Chromie Squiggle. 

Squiggle DAO continues to celebrate these defined sets, promoting the breadth of Erick Snowfro’s work. We will be recognizing collectors that highlight these complexities and hidden rarities on Deca.Art every Squiggle Saturday .

For those looking to fill a gap in their collection, SquiggleDAO provides a concierge program to facilitate OTC transactions and appraisals. Be sure to join the official SquiggleDAO Discord for inquiries.

What does your set look like, anon?

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