SquiggleDAO Sweeps the Floor…again!
October 13th, 2022

Another 14 Squiggles have joined SquiggleDAOs permanent collection, bringing the DAOs collection to a total of 289 Squiggles.

It’s always been our mission to collect and celebrate the Chromie Squiggle, and we’re getting back to business.

Today, we restart our accumulation of Squiggles, with the goal of getting to 300 before the end of the year. Our sights are still set on 1000 in total, and this floor sweep represents the beginning of some ambitious plans that will make this goal a reality. 

Why collect Squiggles? 

In the coming years, we believe the Squiggle will be seen increasingly as the seminal art project that catalyzed major growth in digital art, and that digital art will become increasingly important, coveted and celebrated. 

Seminal art deserves to exist where it can be seen and appreciated by everyone; with DAOs, this art can now be owned by anyone too. It is the symbiosis between artist and community that will unlock the potential for transformation in this industry.

SquiggleDAO intends to be at the forefront of this.

Collecting Squiggles is what we do

In December 2021, we swept the Opensea floor, adding 37 squiggles to our collection. Over the following months, our Acquisitions team made several key purchases, bringing us to a total of 273.

37 Squiggles added to the vault
37 Squiggles added to the vault

More recently, we rescued a Day 0 from the NFTX vault at a significant discount. The SquiggleDAO Acquisitions squad knows more about Squiggles than anyone, and we find gems at a discount all the time. 

A beatiful Day 0 rescued from NFTX
A beatiful Day 0 rescued from NFTX

Gmoney was also kind enough to pick a Squiggle for us during a recent acquisition, making #2559 a special addition to the collection, and the moment where our collection exceeded his in size, putting us in the #4 spot.

A great choice by Gmoney, that made us the #4 collector of all time
A great choice by Gmoney, that made us the #4 collector of all time

We’ve also been busy implementing other sustainable ways to build our collection. For 6 months, the DAO has been deploying capital into lending markets in NFTfi not only to generate revenue for the DAO, but also because if a loan goes bad, we receive a discounted squiggle. 

This has happened two times, bringing our total to 275. The beauty of this strategy is that, regardless of the outcome of the loan, the community benefits - and the squiggle improves as a store of value.

Squiggle #9395, and the DAOs second Pipe Squiggle
Squiggle #9395, and the DAOs second Pipe Squiggle

Today’s floor sweep represents more than just a growth in our collection. It is a statement of intent for continued growth in both our community and our collection.

In the next few months, major projects will be announced that unlock the DAOs potential for achieving our 1000 Squiggle goal, the first piece to be unlocked when we reach 300. We’ll see you soon!

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