SQUIG Contribution Round 2: COMPLETE
November 12th, 2021

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Note: The contribution limit has been reached and is now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated!

“The number of squiggles the DAO should own is N+1 where N is the current number of squiggles owned.” — The Founding Scrolls

From the Interim Governing Council
#1 — Squiggle Square
Squiggledom, The Internet.

Re: The more, the merrier

Sharing the love: Round 2 is for Everyone

Round 1 was launched to enable early community members a fair opportunity to acquire more SQUIG voting tokens. We’re happy to report that it went well! Over 80 Squiggles were received and DAO now has over 100, including two Hypers.

Round 2 was designed to allow anyone to either join the DAO or to expand their voting influence by donating additional Squiggles (there was a limit of 1 in Round 1). Note, the SQUIG distribution amounts remain the same for this round. The only incentive for donating early was that you were guaranteed at least 1 spot. This time it’s different…

Guidelines for Participating in Round 2

  • View FAQs & Contribution Guide HERE
  • Contribution period is CLOSED

The contribution limit has been reached. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Eligibility: Everyone!Contribution Limit: No limit**Available SQUIG tokens: 632,600 (5% of supply + 1.3% remaining from Round 1)**Contribution Reward (same as Round 1):

If you have any questions, come and hang with us in the Discord and check out #faq-contribution-program

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