The Future of SquiggleDAO
July 26th, 2022

At SquiggleDAO, we are passionate about driving culture and growth in the generative art space and have chosen to do so with an ever-expanding collection of the Chromie Squiggle. The DAO unites people through a shared passion and appreciation for the Chromie Squiggle to learn, connect, and benefit from the continued growth of the art, and we intend to pursue this mission for a long time.

In this post, we’ll outline the future for SquiggleDAO with a focus on 4 key pillars:

Treasury Growth

The long term health of the community depends on being able to sustain financial investments in art, people and utility for the Chromie Squiggle. This puts us in a unique position of being a collectorDAO yet wanting to promote and evolve like an artist, without the benefit of royalty or sales revenue.

A very healthy treasury
A very healthy treasury

To build sustainable growth for the DAOs treasury, we’ll focus on:

  • Acquiring exceptional Chromie Squiggles, with the goal of being a top 3 collector
  • Building tools and partnerships that help expand our Squiggle collection
  • Build tax-efficient incentives for Squiggle donations to the Treasury
  • Generate value from NFT-defi activities, such as the emerging Lending markets
  • Support liquidity for the SQUIG governance token

Strong Stewardship

The Core Team and Board of Squiggle Strategy are stewards of the community as it grows in capability and size. They operate the DAOs core functions (community, marketing, website, treasury management, strategy) and build products that enable the community to participate more in the DAOs value creation. Members are deeply aligned and committed to the DAOs purpose, and work closely together to fulfill these responsibilities.

The existing team is committed to growing both the BSS and the Core Teams capabilities, with a focus on adding new members in the product, marketing and community areas. We’ll be launching new roles and a referral program in the coming weeks.

Community Growth

At the core of SquiggleDAO’s purpose is community-driven culture, meaning that we need to design long-term participatory incentives that create value for our mission.

Our governance token, SQUIG, will be going through some major enhancements in the near-term, including: 

  • Long-term incentives for membership and community participation
  • Access to liquidity for new and existing holders
  • Expanded capabilities for creating value, such as community-driven squiggle purchases and program grants
Squiggle #6400 featured in Manhatten during NFT.NYC (credit: @Raylivez1)
Squiggle #6400 featured in Manhatten during NFT.NYC (credit: @Raylivez1)

Value for the Squiggle

While we’ll continue to promote the Squiggle IRL like we did in NYC, we want to focus on creating value in ways that are uniquely accessible to a web3 community like ours:

  • Make so feature rich and usable that it becomes the centre of the universe for all things Squiggle-related

  • Continue to expand the uniqueness and collectibility of each Squiggle, through new utilities, better exploration experiences and community-curated traits

  • Squiggle IRL

  • Drive the adoption of the Squiggle as a high value asset in the NFT-defi space

  • Onboard new tradArt collectors to Squiggle ownership

Stay tuned for more updates in the future. There’s a lot coming :)

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