SQUIG Airdrop Debrief
November 12th, 2021

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“For a moment, the sun itself looked dull as fluttering flashes of rainbow light filled the horizon. The minting had begun, the internet would never look quite the same” — The Founding Scrolls

From the Interim Governing Council
#1 — Squiggle Square
Squiggledom, The Internet.

Official Notice: The Snapshot is Complete and the Airdrop is Incoming.

Three short days ago it was decreed: All who would make it through the Squiggle Gate by 10pm PDT Sunday April 11th would be imbued with the ultimate power of voice and self-determination.

That day has come, that day has passed, and we have successfully completed our first collective mission.

As of the snapshot date the airdrop was 24% oversubscribed with 608 eligible community members. An additional 108,000 tokens were added to the airdrop to ensure all members have equal representation.

Tokens will be distributed over the next few days. Please watch the #Announcements channel on Discord for the official update.

Curation DAOs: So Hot Right Now

Recruiting members to the DAO had a dramatic effect on the market:

  • The Squiggle floor price doubled from 0.35ETH to 0.7ETH during the three day event period
  • More than 80 squiggles were purchased from OpenSea during the airdrop
  • 54% of squiggle holders are now voting members in SquiggleDAO!!

Why does this matter?

  • Token-curated markets work because they incentivize collective decision making to ensure the best results for the greater good
  • On-chain generative art is an emerging art form and the more energy and time invested in this space, the more culturally-relevant it will become
  • 600 people now believe that SquiggleDAO is a viable method to support the generative art space. That is a substantial amount of social capital that can be deployed to help our mission!

Distribution: It’s happening this week

Distribution of SQUIG will occur over the next few days. You’ll receive SQUIG to the address that contains your squiggle so keep an eye on it! We’ll let the community know when the airdrop distribution has completed.

So what comes next? Building decentralized art curation

We’re on a mission to build the largest portfolio of generative NFT artwork and play a leading role in the curation of on-chain generative art. As of today, we have over 600 generative on-chain art enthusiasts who are looking to ways to contribute to the first Generative Art Curation DAO.

Our goal in the next 2 weeks is to enable you, the SQUIG-holder, to have a meaningful impact on the direction of the DAO. Specifically:

  1. Develop and launch a DAO governance model so that you can start to propose and vote on initiatives within the DAO (post coming on this shortly)
  2. Launch further SQUIG distribution events that will allow those of you who want to have a significant impact on the DAOs resources and direction to participate

With hearts draped in rainbows

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