SquiggleDAO Curated Traits

Anomaly: a·nom·a·ly  /əˈnäməlē/ : something different, abnormal, peculiar, or not easily classified.

If you’ve ever compulsively watched NFT transactions on Opensea, you’ve seen a few anomalies that trade well above floor price. Sometimes it's easy to identify a rarity by sorting through a collections metadata, but oftentimes there are a few oddballs commanding a premium that aren’t easily classified...Enter the niche market of hidden subtraits. 

A day 0 squiggle sells for 40% premium
A day 0 squiggle sells for 40% premium

Most Chromie Squiggle hidden subtraits are visible to the naked eye, unlike hidden traits that might only be seen in the metadata. For instance, CryptoPunk #5989 has a Mole trait hidden by the Medical Mask – the Mole is only visible in the metadata.

NFT Metadata is a raw information breakdown of that particular asset; it can contain the name, description, image link, and list of that NFTs specific traits. For example, contained in the Chromie Squiggle metadata shows whether it’s a Normal, Bold, Slinky, Ribbed, Fuzzy, or Pipe

You can use the metadata to sort through the collection if there is a particular trait you are after. If you were wondering why gmoneyNFT paid a premium on Chromie Squiggle #9446, a bit of metadata analysis would reveal that it is 1 of 44 Tall Squiggles which have a height value equal to 4. The Tall trait coupled with the Fuzzy trait puts Chromie Squiggle #9446 in the top tier of rarity rankings, all of which can be traced through the metadata. 

But we can go deeper: there are hidden subtraits not revealed in the metadata, which means you will not be able to find these rarities when sorting a collection on Opensea. A simple example are the Day-0 and Double-Digit Squiggles. On the first day of the Chromie Squiggles/Art Blocks genesis (November 27th 2020) there were 542 Chromie Squiggles minted. Chromie Squiggles #0-541 are considered Day-Zero Squiggles and Squiggles #10-99 known as Double-Digit Squiggles regularly trade at a premium. You won’t be able to find this intel from the Metadata, but the community has identified and placed value on these rarities nonetheless. 

Von Mises famously identified the hidden traits of the Full Spectrum and Perfect Spectrum Squiggles. A Perfect-Spectrum has 256 color hues while a Full-Spectrum has 256 +/- 1%. The community quickly championed these rares leading Snowfro to add these details to the Metadata afterward. Later 42 Full Spectrum Squiggles and only 22 Perfect Spectrum Squiggles were identified, the last Perfect Spectrum to sell went for 160E which was 26x the floor price..(probably nothing)

Since inception SquiggleDAO has paid very close attention to Squiggle movement (no pun intended) and have identified a few families of hidden traits. 

At first glance, some Squiggles might appear to be similar, but we are still finding nuances in the collection 2 years after genesis. We are excited to keep uncovering these new details and invite you, the appreciatoors, along for the journey.

As a curator of one of the most comprehensive Squiggle collections in the metaverse.. we want them all, whether its canonical trait in the metadata or those that are hidden, only revealed by the trained eye.  If you show us one, we will come for it. Our goal is to activate this community we love so much.

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