Announcing $SQUIG & The SquiggleDAO Airdrop

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“They fell from the sky, floated in the streams and lakes, popped forth from freshly tilled ground. The land beyond the Rainbow Gates was filled with pulsing rainbows. The sun shone on a land bursting with hope and wonder and possibility”— Founding Scrolls of Squiggledom


From the Interim Governing Council#1 — Squiggle Square Squiggledom, The Internet.

Attention Squigglers: Your right to self govern is here!

For months, without pomp and without circumstance, you’ve done your duty and carried the bright rainbow squiggle vibes to the dark corners of the internet.

Through tweets and group chats, clubhouse rooms and discord servers, the whispers of a colourful rainbow filled world were passed from old friend to new.

Our ranks have swelled as new Squigglers with their Fuzzies, Slinkys and Bolds made the journey through the Rainbow Gates. Hope, excitement and possibility filled the air as rainbow Squigs danced through Squiggle Square.

Now is the time to turn these rainbow draped vibes into a powerful force for good, beauty and well-being.

Now is the time to stand together, formalize our commitment as a collective committed to building the brightest future for generative blockchain art.

Today dear Squigglers, we’re excited to announce $SQUIG, a governance token that gives Squiggle holders a say in the future of Squiggle DAO. If you have successfully passed through the Rainbow Gates (aka our token gated discord), you are eligible for the $SQUIG Airdrop.

There is value in coming together and collaborating on the internet. May this be the first step of many in solidifying our place in the annals of generative blockchain art history.

With hearts draped in rainbows,

-Squiggle DAO Interim Governing Council

The Details

What is Squiggle DAO:

We exist to support the growth of Generative Blockchain Art and Artists.

Our bold goal is to build the largest collection of generative blockchain art on the internet. To start, we’re working towards filling our vault with 1000 Squiggles and 1000 other works of generative art NFTs.

What is $SQUIG?

$SQUIG tokens are the coordination mechanism at the core of Squiggle DAO.

The purpose of this token is to enable the members of the DAO to participate in DAO governance. One $SQUIG = one vote.

$SQUIG has no financial value and offers no rights or claims to assets or revenue.

Some key examples of utility include:

  • Nominating multi-sig holders
  • Coordinating resources to support artists
  • Acquiring generative art from the open market or auction
  • Supporting other projects/platforms in the space
  • Launching generative art exhibitions

$SQUIG Token Contract

Token ID: SQUIGToken Address: 0x373acda15ce392362e4b46ed97a7feecd7ef9eb8DAO Treasury: 0x56fcb471A9DdE74045830439AD6612C9aad53C19Total Supply: 10,000,000Minted Supply: 100%

Planned Distribution

DAO Treasury: 50%Genesis Team: 10% (5% distributed, 5% remaining via DAO approval)Community Airdrop: 5%Bounty Program: 5%Public Distribution: 30% (to be announced soon)

Note: This token is for DAO governance only and confers no monetary value or accrual.

Squiggle DAO Interim Governing Council



All proposals will be managed through our Snapshot instance which can be found here:

Any SQUIG holder can vote but there will be a threshold of 10,000 SQUIG for submitting proposals.

$SQUIG Snapshot Date: April 11th, 2021

As a first step toward decentralization and to encourage the community to reward early participants, $SQUIG will be distributed to anyone that has joined the Squiggle Square by April 11th, 2021 .

How to participate in the airdrop

  1. Buy a Chromie Squiggle if you don’t have one already
  2. Join the Discord here:
  3. Join Squiggle Square using the instructions provided in the main discord channel
  4. All you need to do is be in the Squiggle Square channel. No further action is required!

We have allocated 5% of SQUIG supply to this drop with a fixed distribution of 1000 SQUIG per eligible member. Any remaining SQUIG that is not distributed during this program will be reserved for future use by the DAO.

Next Steps: Tribute Distribution

After the airdrop is complete we will be announcing our first major initiative that aims to distribute a further 30% of $SQUIG supply to the community.

To stay up to date with the Squiggle DAO please follow us on twitter.

Squiggles can be purchased on OpenSea.



Made by @forager via Discord.
Made by @forager via Discord.

By @ JONAS on Discord

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