Announcing SquiggleDAO Contribution Round 3
November 12th, 2021

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“After what seemed like time immemorial, the squiggles looked up to see that there was a wide world of generative art, with squiggles just a corner of a corner. It’s time to expand, they cried. IT’S TIME” — Founding Scrolls of Squiggledom

From the Acquisitions Committee
Department of The Squiggle Treasury
#1 — Squiggle Square
Squiggledom, The Internet

What a year so far!

In only a few months, SquiggleDAO has experienced some tremendous growth:

  • 629 SQUIG token holders
  • 578 DAO members
  • 232 Squiggles (worth ~400 ETH)
  • 3 DAO proposals passed, with many more coming

So what’s next?

The DAO Beyond Squiggles

SquiggleDAO was launched in early 2021 as a decentralized community built by and for generative art enthusiasts. Since its launch, SquiggleDAO has become the place to talk about Chromie Squiggles, the brilliant initial Art Blocks offering.

But the vision of SquiggleDAO exceeds just the eponymous Squiggle…

The SquiggleDAO community has approved a new Contribution Round — Round 3. Rounds 1 and 2 were focused on building the foundational Chromie Squiggle vault (what can we say, we love them!). But it’s time!

Round 3 is being launched to expand the artworks and artists in the SquiggleDAO vault

Thanks to the Acquisition Committee (one of several DAO committees you can join if you want to contribute), 13 generative art projects were considered as being eligible for donation to the DAO treasury. Through a series of discussions and voting mechanisms, the following three were chosen:

  • Algobots
  • Ringers
  • Framergence

Read more about this process here

How can I participate in this Contribution Round?

There are two phases to this contribution round. The first is for DAO members and the second is open to the public. For the entire round there is a maximum of 100,000 SQUIG. If that amount is hit the entire contribution round will close.

For DAO members:

Eligibility: You must be a member of the Discord (with a purple name) Contribution Window: Thurs July 8th @ 17:00 PST —Sat July 10th @ 17:00 PST**Contribution Limit: **1 NFT maximum

For the Public:

Eligibility: AnyoneContribution Window: Sat July 10th @ 17:00 PST — Mon July 12th @ 17:00 PST**Contribution Limit: **1 NFT maximum

To contribute, send your NFT to the DAO Treasury:

Squiggledao.eth (0x56fcb471A9DdE74045830439AD6612C9aad53C19)

Any valid submissions will receive the following SQUIG once the contribution round is over. Any invalid submissions will be returned to the sender.

Besides being the first squiggler to brag about contributing a Ringer, an Algobot, or a Framergence to the DAO, you can also help by creating content from one of the following below:

  • Memes / Graphics / Infographics
  • Twitter RT · Medium posts
  • Discord Hangout / YouTube / Podcast/ Twitter Space/ Clubhouse
  • And any other idea that helps to raise awareness, extra points for creativity!
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